Who's not sharing their trial results?

Trials registered on ClinicalTrials.gov should share results on the site shortly after completing, or publish in a journal. But many organisations fail to report the results of clinical trials. We think this should change. Explore our data (last updated April 2017) to see the universities, government bodies and pharmaceutical companies that aren't sharing their clinical trial results. Please note this tracker is no longer recieving support or updates as of April 2017. Our data and code, however, remains available. You can find our current TrialTracker work at the FDAAA TrialsTracker or the EU TrialsTracker.

Trial sponsors

We've ranked the major trial sponsors with the most unreported trials registered on ClinicalTrials.gov. Click on a sponsor's name to find out whether it's getting better at reporting completed trials - or worse.

       Name of sponsor Trials missing results Total eligible trials Percent missing

Trials by year

Sorry, this application needs JavaScript! But if you like, you can just download the raw data about which trial sponsors are not reporting their trials.

Why it matters: Clinical trials are the best way we have of testing whether a medicine is safe and effective. They can involve thousands of people, patients and healthy volunteers, and take years to complete. But trials with negative results are twice as likely to remain unreported as those with positive results. This means that patients and doctors don't have the full information about the benefits and risks of treatments. We believe all clinical trials, past and present, should be reported in full. Read more on AllTrials.net and sign the petition.

Our methodology: We downloaded details of all trials registered on ClinicalTrials.gov. We include all interventional trials completed between Jan 2006 and two years from our final download in April 2017, except for Phase 0/1 trials and those that have made a formal request to delay results. Next, we look for summary results on ClinicalTrials.gov, or linked results on PubMed. Our table includes only sponsors with more than 30 trials: to see all sponsors, download the full dataset. We understand this method isn't perfect. However, we feel that researchers have a clear obligation to ensure that their results are published, and discoverable. If they have failed to post summary results, or to ensure the trial ID is in their PubMed entry, then their results will be listed here as missing. See our paper for full details.

How to improve your reporting: Hello trial sponsors! Our focus has shifted to other trackers so this website is no longer updated. We still strongly encourage you to post summary results on ClinicalTrials.gov, or ask your journal to add the trial's NCT ID to the PubMed entry for published results.

Get in touch: We welcome feedback. See our full data and code and please get in touch by email or on Twitter with feedback.